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Stratco Slat Fencing is an innovative, easy-to-install, aluminum slat screening system that offers the latest in architectural style. Stratco Slat Fencing is tough, long lasting, low maintenance and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of applications.

Stratco Slat Fencing is a garden feature, a privacy screen, a louver, and a sunshade. Made from high strength, long lasting aluminum slats that can be spaced with any gap to suit your privacy needs. The versatile Stratco Slat Screening System can be adapted to suit a large range of applications, limited only by your imagination.

The innovative Stratco Slat Fencing System is very easy to install. It can be delivered in cut to length sizes or purchased as stock lengths and fabricated to suit on site installation.

Stratco Slat Fencing is available in a powder-coated paint finish or timber look finish. A choice of two size slats being 3″ x 1″ or 5″ x 1″. The posts can be ordered as an extra product and supplied with the slats or install the slats to an existing structural post.

Strong aluminum fencing designed to be a lasting investment. The aluminum slats that form the Stratco Slat Fence and screening system will not warp, shrink, twist, delaminate or splinter.

*We do not custom build, or cut any of our products in the USA

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Stratco Slat Fencing Features:

  • Size: 94 W by 71 H
  • Slat fencing colors: White, black, beige and slate gray
  • Super strength powder coated aluminum.
  • Blades do not warp, crack, or splinter.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Non-weld assembly for easy installation.
  • Powder coated and finished for harsh conditions
  • Gates to suit.

*Click here to purchase the locks and hinges for the gates.


What is Quickscreen PLUS?
Quickscreen PLUS is similar to the Quickscreen system without the need to screw off each individual blade.

How is this achieved?
The Quickscreen PLUS patented side frame has internal walls which apply pressure to the blade when inserted. The 3 sided spacer block used in the Quickscreen system is also used in the Quickscreen PLUS system, however, the spacer block is left between each slat when installed.

What are the benefits of Quickscreen PLUS?

  • Easy assembly – Simply fix the patented side frames to the posts/wall and slide the aluminium slats in one at a time, inserting the spacer block in place as you go.
  • Quick installation time – Massive time saving on install of slat fence by removing the need to screw off each individual blade. Perfect for fencing contractors and DIY!
  • Complete system with the introduction of custom made pedestrian gates, sliding gates and soon to be released lock box.
  • Install screens off angled posts – Simply cut the tips of the blades on an angle so they fit into the frame for fixing.
  • No additional fixings – Does not require additional U channel or angle when installing.
  • Adjustable slat spacing – 3 sided spacer blocks are supplied allowing 9mm, 15mm or 20mm slat spacing, however, any spacing is achievable.
  • Cheaper than competitors – The big advantage in the market is the amazing trade pricing.

This real saving has been achieved without compromising the quality of the product. Couple this with the assembly time saved, Quickscreen PLUS is the go to product for your slat fencing requirements.

Slat Fencing
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Quickscreen PLUS Installation Guide:

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