Horizontal Slat Fencing

Stratco Horizontal Slat Fencing is an innovative, easy to install Aluminum slat fencing system offering the latest in architectural styling. It is tough, long lasting, low maintenance and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of applications.

Made from high strength, long lasting Aluminum the Horizontal slat fencing system is available in several different colour options to suit the décor of your yard, balcony or courtyard area.

It can be used as a garden feature, a privacy screening system, a louver, a sunshade or can be adapted to a large range of applications limited only by your imagination.

The innovative horizontal slat fencing system is very easy to install with the spacing of the slats able to be adjusted to suit your specific privacy needs.

The horizontal slat fencing system can be ordered with matching or contrasting posts.  If you already have an existing post or structure a separate mounting kit is available.

Stratco Horizontal Slat Fencing is designed to be a lasting investment and will not warp, shrink, twist, delaminate, rot or splinter.

Quick Screen Products Available:

  • Fence panel box
  • One way post
  • Side frame
  • Base plate kit
  • Gate box

Locks and hinges (Sold separately):

Horizontal Slat Fencing Calculator

The Stratco Slat Fencing Calculator is available for download. This calculator will simply the process of determining the components required for your fencing project.

To view the calculator please click the download button.  The calculator will be downloaded and can be opened within Microsoft Excel.

If you are unable to view the calculator or require assistance in determining the quantities for your project,  please call our office at 407.915.7442 or email contact@stratcousa.com.

  • Size: 8’ (W) by 6’ (H) or 94 inch (W) by 71 inch (H) – weight 69 lbs
  • Slat fencing colors: White, black and slate gray
  • Strong powder coated aluminum
  • Slats do not warp, crack, or splinter
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-weld assembly for easy installation

What are the different products and how are they used?
The Quickscreen plus design guide contains additional information on the different products and illustrates how they are used.

Quickscreen plus slat fence panel box
This box contains the slats, centre support rail and fixings for one panel. To erect the panel you will need to purchase as a minimum a post box or side frame box depending upon how you intend to install the panel.

Quickscreen plus 2 way post box (comes in pack of 2)
This box contains two Quickscreen 2 way posts. The 2 way posts is used when you want to have two panels in line, the 2 way post sits in between the two panels.

Quickscreen plus 1 way post box ( comes in pack of 2)
This box contains two Quickscreen 1 way posts. The 1 way posts are used at the end of a run of panels, when you want to install a panel at 90 degrees to another panel or when you want to install a gate next to a panel.

Quickscreen Side frame (comes in pack of 2)
The side frame box contains 2 side frames. The side frames are used to install a panel onto an existing post, wall or the side of a building. A side frame is also used in conjunction with a 1 way post to create a 90 degree installation

Quickscreen plus base plate kit
The Quickscreen base plate kit contains one base plate and mounting screws. The baseplate is used to fix a single post, either 2 way or 1 way post to an existing concrete path, timber deck or other similar structure. If you will be installing the posts into a concrete footing you will not require a base plate

Quickscreen plus gate box (Locks and hinges as sold separately)
This box contains a complete gate assembly, excluding locks and hinges which must be purchased separately. Locks and hinges are available at

Slat Fencing

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