Stratco Ezi-fence is a unique and innovative fence-in-a-box product that will improve both the value and appearance of your property.

It is the perfect fencing solution when you want to provide a barrier around your property but you don’t want to feel enclosed.

Made from high strength powder coated Aluminum, the vertical pickets coupled with the horizontal top and bottom rail creates an aesthetically pleasing solution to your fencing needs.

The fence panels can be mounted onto matching Aluminum posts or you can choose to mount them to existing posts or other suitable structures.

The Ezi-fence, fence in a box is supplied with easy step by step instructions and offers the strength and longevity you would expect from an Aluminum fencing system.

Stratco Ezi-fence is designed to be a lasting investment and will not warp, shrink, twist, delaminate, rot or splinter.

Ezi-fence products available:

  • Panel box
  • Post pack
  • Bracket kit
  • Base plate kit
  • Gate box
  • Size: 6’ (W) x 4’ (H) – or 71 inch (W) by 48 inch (H)
  • Fencing colors: black and slate gray
  • Strong powder coated aluminum
  • Fence will not warp, crack, or splinter
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-weld assembly for easy installation

What are the different products and how are they used?
Please refer to the Ezi-fence installation video for illustrations of these products

Ezi-fence panel box
This box contains the top and bottom rail and all vertical pickets to assemble a fence panel. To mount your panel you will need to buy a post pack and bracket kit or a bracket kit depending upon how you will be mounting your panel

Ezi-fence post pack
This pack contains a single post for mounting one end of the fence panel. For mounting a panel between two posts you will need two post kits. For mounting a panel between a post and another structure such as a wall you will only need one post kit.

Ezi-fence bracket kit
This kit contains 4 brackets and screws to mount one panel to either Ezi-Fence posts, existing posts or other structures. You will need one bracket kit for each panel irrespective of how you are mounting your panel

Ezi-fence base plate kit
The base plate kit contains one base plate and mounting screws. The baseplate is used to fix a single post to an existing concrete path, timber deck or other similar structure. If you will be installing the posts into a concrete footing you will not require a base plate

Ezi-fence gate box
This box contains a complete gate assembly, excluding locks and hinges which must be purchased separately. Locks and hinges are available at: http://ddtechglobal.com/product/browse/category/gate_hinges

Ezi-fence | Stratco USA
Ezi-fence | Stratco USA
Ezi-fence | Stratco USA
Ezi-fence | Stratco USA
Ezi-fence | Stratco USA
Ezi-fence | Stratco USA Ezi-fence | Stratco USA Ezi-fence | Stratco USA Ezi-fence | Stratco USA Ezi-fence | Stratco USA

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