Metal Raised Garden Bed Double Height

  • Color – Beige, Slate Gray
  • Size – 46” (L) x 35” (W) x 22” (H)
  • 150 gallons of soil
  • DIY – no tools required
  • Easy to keep clean and looking new



Stratco Metal Double Height Raised Garden Beds are an aesthetically pleasing simple easy to assemble garden bed that is ideal for vegetables, herbs and spring flowers.

Made from pre-painted galvanised steel the garden bed will not rot or twist and are easy to position anywhere in the garden.

Once in place, simply fill the garden bed with soil and begin planting. At the end of the growing season the garden bed can be disassembled and stored for the winter.

The Beige and Slate Gray colored Metal Raised Garden Bed offers the best quality and design at an affordable price. It will look at home in any yard.

Additional information


Beige, Slate Gray

Product Features

  • Color – Beige, Slate Gray
  • Size – 46” (L) x 35” (W) x 22” (H)
  • Holds 150 gallons of soil
  • DIY – no tools required
  • Easy to keep clean and looking new

Metal Thickness


Millimeters: 0.25
Inches: 9.8 thousandths of an inch (approx.)
Gauge: 30


Wall sheets only, corners are a thicker material.


Imagine sitting on your porch or balcony enjoying a fresh salad made with sun ripened juicy tomatoes, crisp green lettuce and cool cucumbers picked directly from your own raised garden bed. It is relaxing and refreshing just thinking about it and with a Stratco raised garden bed this can be a reality.
It doesn’t matter if you have a small yard, a balcony or a large acreage Stratco have the products that you need to create your own vegetable garden or herb patch.

Having your own raised garden bed provides you with a number of benefits:


The Federal Government recommends that people consume between 1 to 3 cups of vegetables each day1 and unfortunately many people fall well short of this target. Growing your own vegetables in a Stratco raised garden bed makes it so easy to have fresh healthy food when you need it.


When you see vegetables on the shelf in the supermarket do you ever wonder how long it has been sitting there or even how long it has been since it was picked. If you compare the flavor of a tomato grown in a Stratco raised garden bed with one from the supermarket it will be obvious that freshest tastes best.


Herb and vegetables grown in a Stratco raised garden bed have been grown by you, so you know exactly what chemicals or pesticides, if any, have been used. Because you make the decision what to grown and when to pick it you can make sure you harvest it at exactly the right time when the nutrients and vitamins are at their peak.

Saves money

Everyone likes to save money and growing your own vegetables in a Stratco raised garden bed will help reduce your weekly food bill. Think how much a packet of seeds costs and how many serves of vegetables you will get from that one packet of seeds and then imagine how much you would have to pay if you bought the same quantity from the supermarket. It is pretty obvious that you will be saving money by owning a Stratco raised garden bed.

Helps the environment

When you grow your own herbs and vegetables in a Stratco raised garden bed you can choose to grown them organically without harmful pesticides which is a great benefit to the environment. With your vegetables right outside your door it also means you are helping to save fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the delivery of vegetables to supermarkets in refrigerated lorries.


With a Stratco raised garden bed you can choose exactly where you want your garden to be located. You can also place them on top of concrete or paved surfaces where you normally wouldn’t be able to grow your own vegetables or herbs.

Longer growing season

With a Stratco raised garden bed the soil tends to be a little warmer than the earth so you can start your planting earlier and can continue longer through the season. Because the soil can be a little warmer you need to make sure you keep a close watch on soil moisture levels during the summer months.

Fewer weeds

Getting the right soil conditions can sometimes be frustrating but with a Stratco raised garden bed it doesn’t take too much effort to get the soil conditions perfect for the vegetables you are growing. As you have control over the soil in the raised garden bed it is also likely to contain fewer weeds and those that may appear will be easy to remove.

Shape and size

With the Stratco corrugated garden bed and the Stratco wood plastic composite garden bed you can, with multiple units, create a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your particular location. If you have an ‘L’ shaped courtyard or you want to create a number of separate beds side by side all this and more can be achieved using Stratco’s raised garden bed range.

There is no doubt that growing your own herbs and vegetables is healthy and rewarding and with Stratco’s range of garden beds we know that we have the perfect solution to enable you to start growing your own garden today.